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Maxwell Murray

Since birth, Major General Maxwell Murray had the Military in his blood. Arthur, his father was an enlisted General.  Born at the famous West Point Military Academy on June 19, 1885, he later went back and enrolled from the time he was eighteen to just before his birthday at age twenty-three.  Right out of the gate Murray put his new experience to work and was placed in the first artillery division of the Fifth Field Artillery during the First World War. As the war came to an end, Murray went back to working his way up the Military’s hierarchy. After two years of technology and warfare schooling, Murray became commander of the entire Fifth Field Artillery. Stationed in Hawaii, Murray was cast into the war serving as a Major General directly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 7, 1941. Dying seven years later at the age of fifty-six, Maxwell Murray served in the Military for twenty-five years and in the process achieved dozens of promotions and was awarded eleven domestic and six foreign metals. Marrying his wife Phyllis Howard at the age of twenty-six the two conceived two children, Arthur and Anne. Arthur continued the Murray’s Military tradition which spanned five generations and spent over thirty years in the military serving in the Vietnam War as a Colonel.

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