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The Higgins Boat: America's Savior

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“The Higgins boats broke the gridlock on the ship-to-shore movement.  It is impossible to overstate the tactical advantages this craft gave U.S. amphibious commanders in World War II.”            

- Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, USMC (Ret)

“If Higgins had not designed and built those LCVPs (Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel), we never could have landed over an open beach. The whole strategy of the war would have been different.”     

-President Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Andrew Higgins is the man who won the war for us.”

-President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1964 interview

We chose to focus in on the much important infantry item, the Higgins Boat. It was an essential part of winning the war. It was made famous during America's D-Day invasion of Normandy. The Higgins Boats were built to carry large amounts of troops across seas and land safely on the land. Many historians believe that the Higgins Boats single handedly won the war for us. Because of the boat's importance, we decided to commit our whole project toward it.

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