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Elwood Richard Quesada "Pete"


    Elwood richard quesada beter known as "pete" born to an irsh-american mother and spanish father,in the  state of washington distric of colombia USA.  In september 1924 he enlisted in U.S. army air corps as a flying cadet and was comissioned as a reserve officer a year later.  For the next two years he remain inactive, but in 1927 he went on duty as an engeenering officer to bolling field were he served for next year.  He went to cuba in the year 1930  as an asistan militar attach and stayd ther until 1932. he returned to bollin ann was promoted to first lieutenant in november of 1932.  Lieutenant Quesada flew Davison and explorer Martin Johnson all over africa to collect animals for the New York museum of Natural Histori in the summer of 1933.  Quesada was chief pilot on the New York-Cleveland route when the Army men flew the airmail in 1934.

Elwood Richard, Lieutenant-General Military Courier
1935- 1936 Student at the Air Corps Tactical School, Maxwell Field, Alabama
1936- 1937 Student at the Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
1937- 1938 Commanding Officer of the 1st Bombardment Squadron, Mitchel Field, New York
1938- 1940 Technical Advisor to the Argentine Air Force 1940- 1941 Chief of the Foreign Liaison Section, Intelligence Division, Office of the Chief of the Air Corps, Washington, D.C.
1941- 1942 Commanding Officer of the 33d Pursuit Group, Mitchel Field, New York 1942 Commanding Officer of the Philadelphia Region, later Philadelphia Air Defense Wing of the I Fighter Command
1942- 1943 Commanding General of the 1st Air Defense Wing, Mitchel Field, New York; from 30.01.
1943, Casablanca, French Morocco 1943 Commanding General of the XII Fighter Command and Deputy Commander of the Northwest African Air Force, Algiers, Algeria
1943- 1944 Commanding General of the IX Fighter Command, England 1944 Commanding General of the IX Air Support Command, England
1944- 1945 Commanding General of the IX Tactical Air Command, England; from 10.06.1944, France; from 11.09.1944, Belgium; from 26.03.1945, Germany
1945- 1946 Assistant Chief of the Air Staff for Intelligence, Headquarters U.S. Army Air Forces, Washington, D.C. 1946 Commanding General of the Third Air Force, Tampa, Florida
1946- 1948 Commanding General of the Tactical Air Command, Langley Field, Virginia
1948- 1949 Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force for Reserve Affairs, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.
1949- 1950 Chairman of the Joint Technical Planning Committee for creation of a Joint Task Force to conduct atomic tests at Eniwetok Atoll, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, D.C.
1950- 1951 Commander of Joint Task Force Three conducting Operation GREENHOUSE, the ground detonation of four thermonuclear devices at Eniwetok Atoll on 08.04.1951 (Test DOG), 21.04.1951 (Test EASY), 09.05.1951 (Test GEORGE) and 25.05.1951 (Test ITEM)
1951 Retired
1993  Elwood dies on February 9 1993 

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