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M2 Browning Maching Gun

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After holding out of World War II as long as they could, United States entered the as one of the three allies. Following the attacks on the military base at Pearl Harbor, tensions tightened between the two nations.

During World War I, many new weapons were created. When World War II was in full swing, many of the same weapons were reintroduced and improved. Common weapons were rifles, machine guns, grenades, sniper rifles, combat knives, and anti tank weaponry. Airplanes were a critical part of World War II, and with airplanes come antiaircraft machinery. These antiaircraft guns were usually heavy duty, large machine guns stabilized to the ground. Tanks and cannons were also highly utilized for long range destruction. Machine guns were normally posted up behind bunkers where they were most useful. They were arguablly the most treasured field gun. Submachine guns were lightweight portable guns easy to use on the run. Sniper rifles were the most accurate gun, used at a distance to avoid detection. Grenades were most useful when it came to trench style warfare.



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