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It's not just about decyphering these general's names. It's about who they are and what makes them similar to one another.
Many of these generals worked for General Dwight D. Eisenhower.
-Pearson Menoher
Also, some were actually part of the XV (Fifteenth Corps) in the United States

This project began like any other. I started out trying to find a purpose about what I wanted to focus on. Reading signatures can be a difficult challenge. However, some letters you can recognize. Others just look like scribbles. You may not always need the full name. Once you have the first few letters, from there you can input it into a search engine. In this case I used a biographical encyclopedia online, specifically related to generals. Sometimes I fell into a problem where some names looked like others, which forced me to scrutinize the signatures closely. Most of the generals I were able to decipher were involved in the XV Corps.

The XV Corps was created during a time between the two World Wars. However, it was not officially activated until February 1943. Before then, it was an army reserve. It was put into active service in Louisiana. Additional training was completed back west that summer. It wasn’t until December of 1943 that they entered France. It was about this time that it acquired its official insignia. By the time that World War II had ended, this corps was deactivated. However, just a few years later, it was put into active reserve. The final nail to the coffin came due to budget cuts because of war times in Vietnam, which was when it was finally deactivated.

I was able to find this connection due to searching for the various names, which I acquired from the signatures, even if they were only partial. This was in fact the main connection that I found between these generals. However, some also tended to be involved in other wars, both before and after World War II.



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