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Military Career:
  • He was a Major-General
  • Served in WWI & WWII
  • Positions during WWII:
    • Head of Military Railorads in Africa and Europe
    • Served asAdministrator of Veteran Affairs
  • Military Awards: Distinguished Service Cross (for outstanding service in France and Italy), Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Italian War Cross for Merit, Order Crown of Italy, Officer Legion of Honor (Knight-Commander)

Major General Carl Raymond Gray Jr.

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Personal Life:

  • Born April 14, 1889
  • Died December 2, 1955
  • Married to Gladys Even Beach
  • Had two children:
         Gladys Ethel (Gray) Deffenbach (1912-1994)
         Carl Raymond III (1914-1857)
  • Claimed to have moved 42 times during his first 50 years of life.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Gray authored "Railroading in Eighteen Countries"
  • Gray's father, Carl Raymond Gray (1867-1939) was the president of the Union Pacific Railroad (1920-1937).
  • The root of Gray's interest in railorads.
  • Gray's father achievements and titles include:
    • Director of operations of the Federal Railroad Administration during WWI.

    • Hosted the first streamlined, diesel powered train in February 1934.

    • Had major contributions in the Transportation Act of 1940.

    • "His interest in better railroading grew with the years and made him a leader in development..." - Colorado Springs Gazette

"Railroading in Eighteen Countries"
Gray's story of American railroad men serving in the Military Railway Service

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