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Of arrogance, bombs and chauvinism. What Leslie Groves was thinking.

They can't say I didnt tell them so. If that pansy hadnt honeymooned there the project would be well under way by now. "The effecs would be too great," he whined. Well now, Stimson. That would be the point now, wouldn't it? Kyoto surely is the better choice, the people there are smart enough to appreciate the significance of the bomb. Just how big of a deal this is. Just how big we are to end it. Wouldn't doubt the Japs are smarter than Stimson himself, being the sentimentalist he is.

War is war, and they put me in charge of this project to assure it ends, and we as the reason. And that's what I'm doing. It is undeniable that without my organizational skills this montage of workers, some of which surely are replaceable, would wander about without structure. They need my aid, they need my insight, hell- I've even heard one of the boys say I've planned the project, ran my own construction, my own science, my own Army, my own State Department even and ridiculously enough my own Treasury Department. then dammit why wont As for the development of the bomb? The ongoings of the Manhattan Project are steady, albeit frustrating. The measures put in place by Oppenheimer are clever, yes, but is he deserving of the multitudes of praise hes gotten? No, absolutely not. And although, it is true that I appointed him, there are known security risks. Withstanding, the mans forte lies in his social skills and ironically we need direction for all our scientists as much as they need my aid.

To successfully design these bombs you need to master skills pertaining to physics and have an understanding of the sheer, unadulterated brutality of war, not tosimply busy yourself with the trivial smatterings of small talk. I've got funny feelings about Robert.. The taint surrounding his interview and the like. And that professor friend of his.. The Frenchman? Strange feelings, indeed. Dare I say skeptical, even. From such instances I've been further assured that working with reporters is a stupid, vain activity made even more so granted the nature of our task. I have no problem telling how I feel about their jobs to the scavenging men wielding nothing but their notebooks to protect them. In fact, as recently as yesterday I had met with one and the fool dropped his pencil out of utter confusion with one of my answers. Pah! Its almost laughable. The imbecile reporter forgot that Robert's interviews yielded poor results and asked me how the secret is so well kept. Having had about enough, I looked at this man and told him "Mainly by not talking to reporters." Common sense, you'd think.

Anyways, now is not the time to alienate all the progress we've accomplished regardless. I'd bring them up, save he is absolutely essential to the project. Too important right now, but afterwards we'll see. Although I must admit, his working with me has aided in some ways with getting the eager subordinates to comply.Though don't get me wrong, should anything need change, or should I desire it for that matter, they've rightfully entrusted me with a great deal of power and I can and will implement that should anything go not accordingly with my instructions. 


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