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Maxwell Murray

Maxwell Murray was born on June 19, 1885 and died on August 4, 1948.  His wife is named Phyllis Muriel Howard, and he has two children, Arthur Maxwell Murray and Anne Howard Murray.

He attended the United States Military Academy and later studied at MIT as well as field artillery and command schools.  He served in the military for over 25 years, and his military career was fairly meritorious.  He commanded at Fort Bragg for several years, then moved on to command several different artillery divisions before serving as commander of the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii.  He was serving when the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occurred.

Most notably, during World War II he commanded the 35th Infantry Division of the United States, which consisted of several different regiments including the 134th and the 137th.


The 35th Infantry's Role in the War


The 35th Infantry landed in Omaha Beach in Normandy about a month after D-Day.  They then continued to St. Lo and, with the help of the 29th Division, secured the city after a fierce battle with German soldiers.  They then continued to the cities of Vire and Mortain and eventually took back Orleans from German control.

The division then moved through several more small French cities; German troops were often caught unaware by the division's swiftness and had little time to prepare.  French civilians in Sens, Troyes, Nancy and other cities celebrated their coming and held parades to commemorate the events.  They encountered harsh resistance in the woods, however, following their capture of Nancy; the division forced the Germans to withdraw with a heavy onslaught of both tanks and infantry.

The 35th then proceeded through Northern France into the Rhineland.  From there, they continued into the Ardennes.  After that, they gained control of Hanover and were able to free many Allied prisoners, some of which were members of the division.  The 35th remained there on military duty until V-E Day on May 8, 1945.  They departed in September, arriving in New York Harbor on September 10, 1945, and were deactivated soon after. 


Role in the Document


The signatures on this document are ordered by date, so Murray likely signed the document during the year of 1946 in Washington, D.C.  Since Murray chose to retire in this very city, it is likely that he signed the document at or around the time that he chose to retire.


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Just imagine Maxwell Murray, looking stylish!
Maxwell Murray

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The 137th Infantry Regiment during Murray's command