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The Journey

Alexander Papagos

      What is this, and why was it created? These were the questions that interested me the most about these documents. However, finding out how to answer these questions was my next step.


    Starting with the colleges in the closest proximity, I emailed and called all of the relevant history professors that taught lessons dealing with World War II. The list of schools included at San Jose State, Berkeley, San Francisco State, and Stanford University. Once I was done with the schools in this area, I began contact with schools such as brown as well as begin contact with other Ivy Leagues. They all hadn't know how to help me in any direction or with any potentials of what these documents may be.


    Knowledge that I have obtained, because of the only date and location provided by Alexander Papagos, is that this document was in Washington on July 14, 1946. Looking deeper into this however, I found from a New York time article that stated how Eisenhower was to be receiving a reward from the Papagos at the War Department. The rest of the article pertained to the information of Papagos on somewhat of a trip to the United States.


    With the information of when it was siNed be Papagos, and where it was signed, I then contacted the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the Pentagon Library. Giving each a digital copy of the documents, as well as the information on the possible location of signing the documents being the War Department. Sadly, they all came up just like the colleges, at a lost.  With colleges down, no more articles on anymore relevant occurrences around the time, nor any information from the Political Library, I only had one more idea. The White House. If the president was at an event on a certain day then the White House must know what had happened, or at least something that would lead me in the right direction. Unfortunately, even though I've called more then five times and left a message with the recording, I still have yet to get any answers.


     Still a mystery is what these pages are. The only knowledge given was that it had moved around for years, the names of the generals from the victor countries was on it, and one specific date, and location of one general's signing. With this information, I have failed what interested me most, the Who, What, When and Where of these documents. 




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