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Alvan C. Kincaid: The Forgotten Hero

Alvan Cleveland Kincaid was born in Orleans, Indiana in 1892. Not much of his early life is known except for his date of birth, he graduated from Franklin College in 1915. He began his military career serving in the infantry reserve as a first lieutenant as part of the 336th infantry in 1917. 

For the next few years he went from place to place serving as an aerial observer in France and in the defensive sector on various squadrons like the 91st Aero and the 88th Squadron of the American Expeditionary Forces. 

He returned to the US in 19120 and became an observer at Kelly Air Force Base in Texas. Later he would serve in in El Paso, Texas and Fort Benning, Ga. At various occupations, such as Air Service Supply and Transportation Officer.

 In July 1920 he received his regular commission as a first lieutenant of Air Service. 

After that he became a post adjutant in an Air Force Base in Alabama- his last stop before becoming an Air Force pilot. in 1922 after completing Air Corps primary and advanced training at fling schools he bacame an airplane pilot by rank. 

over the next few years he served on countless projects such as:

  • becoming commanding officer of the 43rd school squardron at Kelly AirForce Base (1925)
  • post adjutant and instructor at the Air Corps Primary Flying School at March Air Force Base, Texas (1927)
  • Director of training at the Air Corps Training Center at Duncan Air Force base, Texas (1929)


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