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Major General Frederick Martin

General Information:

Frederick Leroy Martin, born in Liberty Indiana on November 26th 1882,  graduated from Purdue University in 1908 and joined the 150th Company in Washington D.C. He then attended the Coast Artillery School in Fort Monroe until January 1st, 1916.

He was moved to Hawaii and stationed at Fort Kamehameha until October 3rd 1917.

General Martin traveled to France on August 1918 and served the Supply Section in Paris until February 1919.

Back in the United States, he was assigned as an instructor for the Air Service Pilots School until April 16th, 1921. He then attended the Air Service Pilots Schools and Bombardment school to June 30th, 1921.

He was then appointed as the Commanding Officer of the U.S. Air Service Around-the-World Flight. He crashed into the side of a mountain in Alaska and was forced to relinquish command of the expedition on April 24th, 1924.

He then attended many schools including, Air Service Tactical School, Command and General Staff School, and Army War College. He was then assigned as an Executive Officer in the Air Corps Material Division. He was then assigned as a temporary major general on October 4th, 1940 in the Hawaiian Air Force.

He died on February 23rd, 1954 and is buried in Arlington.

Frederick L. Martin

Around-the-World Trip:

The four World Cruisers that were built for the around-the-world attempt were dubbed the Seattle, the Chicago, the Boston, and the New Orleans. Each plane represented the regions of the United States. The top four pilots in the U.S. Air Service were chosen and Major Frederick L. Martin was the overall flight commander and piloted the Seattle.

Shortly after departing from their starting point in Seattle, Major Martin fell behind because of engine problems. Then in Alaska the Seattle got lost in fog and crashed into the side of a mountain. Major Martin and his mechanic suffered minor injuries and began a ten-day journey to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

The other three aircraft continued on and Lt. Smith who piloted the Chicago resumed their expedition as flight commander. Only two of the three ended up making the around-the-world journey.


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