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Louis Aleck Craig's Life in the Army
Louis Aleck Craig served the United Sates immensley. Craig was first a lieutenant in the year 1879. He was also a teacher at West Point for cavalry from the years of 1890 to 1894. He went through the ranks of the army and had many different duties until he retired. Louis was always a commited soldier to his country. Louis Aleck Craig was an army officer who retired because of a disablity in line of duty in 1903. Louis Aleck Craig started with graduating from West Point and was then commisioned in 1874 as a second lieutenant in the 9th Infantry. After doing that he was then transferred the next year to the 6th Calvalry. Craig was a leader he was responsible and smart and was sucessful. He led a mission in which he encircled the Huachuca Mountains and then attacked Sonora and investigated Apache depredations by the Sonoita Valleyand then the white man was renegaded; others helped in the sucess of the mission being completed. Craig along with his other duties was an assitant adjutant general for Volunteers when the Spanish American war was occuring. And he later became a major in the 15th Calvary in 1901 and was also superintendent of Yosemite National Park in California. Louis Aleck Craig was then injured doing his job and was then forced into retiring even though he did not want to because he wanted to continue in serving his nation. He retired in March 23, 1903 and would then die a year later. Louis Aleck Craig had many jobs in the army he began at the bottom and slowly worked himself to the top, his passion allowed for him to contiue his career in the army and he loved it. Also, the family was supportive and his sons also were in the army and served just like their father

Louis Aleck Craig's Family Life:
Louis Aleck Craig was father of two children who are Louis Aleck Craig Jr. and Malin Craig. The family consists of his children, his wife, his children's children and his children's wives as well. The family includes his beloved wife Miriam Blount Craig. His son Malin Craig was married to Genevieve Woodruff Craig. His other son is Louis Aleck Craig Jr. who was the father of Godelieve Craig. The family of the Craig's served the United Stated and were recognize for their commitment. Louis Aleck Craig had a family that you can call a family; united, loyal, and committed to the family and to their country. That is the dear family of Louis Aleck Craig who was a valuable asset to the Nation in protecting and serving the Nation

Louis Aleck Craig's Grave








Miriam Blount Craig's Grave by her husband







Louis Aleck Craig Jr. 






Malin Craig









Malin Craig Jr.







The family is mostly all reunited even after death..

A Picture of the 9th Infantry

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