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James Maurice Gavin

James Gavin was a lieutenant general during World War II.  He was born in 1907 in New York.  He attended West Point and graduated in 1925.  He led the 82 airborne into many important battles.  He was known as the “jumping general” because he would jump with the men that he was commanding.  He became the youngest commanding General in World War II and was know for carrying a M1- Garand rifle instead of a pistol.  He led operation Husky over Sicily against the axis powers.  His men gave air support that helped drive the axis powers off the island. 

Gavin’s main mission was named operation overlord, which was the plan to take back Western Europe from the Nazi powerhouse. Although the air attack did not go well the ground troops were able to take over the beach and establish a strong hold in Western Europe. He also helped organize the dropping of troops behind enemy lines the night before D-day, and participated in the drop himself.  This D-day attack led the movement back into Europe.

Gavin also was a highly decorated pilot. He won many awards two of them being the Silver heart and Purple Heart. He died at the age of 82 years. Gavin will always be remembered for his great bravery as a pilot and a leader.




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