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General Hugh Joseph Gaffey - General Patton's 3d Army and the 4th Armored Division
By Michael Morton 

Earlier Achievements
Before joining General Patton, Hugh Gaffey served in Tunisia and Sicily. During his time in Tunisia he was the Chief of Staff of the II Corps, and he was the Commanding General of the 2nd Armored Division in Sicily. 
General Patton's 3d Army
Throughout the duration of Hugh Joseph Gaffey's participation in General Patton's 3d Army, the army achieved many different feats. During 1944 the 3d Army advanced across France, and then during the next year (after Gaffey had been reassigned to the 4th Armored Division), 1945, the army advanced into Germany.
4th Armored Division
In December of 1944, Hugh Gaffey was appointed the Commanding General of the 4th Armored Division. The division, during December, advanced into Belgium very quickly, covering more than 150 miles in a day. It then joined other Allied forces against the Germans at Bastogne on December 26 for a battle which lasted for many days, where Hitler was aiming to control the Ardennes. Gaffey aided the 101st Airborne Division deployed there, and turned the tide of the battle. However, during the Battle of Bastogne, the 110th Airborne Division was almost completely eliminated, so the battle was not a complete success.
Other Facts
-Gaffey was killed in a B-25 Mitchell crash in Kentucky in June 1946
-An Army transport ship was named in honor of Gaffey, the General Hugh J Gaffey (T-AP-121)



Important Dates
1943 - Chief of Staff II Corps (Tunisia)
1943 to 1944 -  Commanding General of the 2nd Armored Division (Tunisia, Sicily)
April 1944 to Dec 1944 - Chief of Staff of General Patton's 3d Army (France)
Dec 1944 to Feb 1945 - Commanding General of the 4th Armored Division (Belgium)
Mar 1945 - Commanding General of the 4th Armored Division

General Hugh Joseph Gaffey (Above)
4th Armored Division Shoulder Insignia (Below)