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General Leonard Townsend Gerow: 1888-1972

General Leonard T. Gerow

General Leonard Townsend Gerow was born on July 13th 1888 in Petersburg, Virginia. Unfortunately not much of anything is to be found in regards to his life before his enrollment into the Virginia Military Institute. Through his hard work Leonard graduated with the Honor Appointment, and was then promoted to a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army in 1911 because of that.
The first significant involvement of, by this time Lieutenant Gerow, is in the First World War. At this point in time he was in service with Signal Corps in France. Also, he was the first Lieutenant to enter Parris. He was then appointed to be the temporary Lieutenant Colonel soon after his arrival. During his time in France, Gerow was in charge of the radio equipment and supply of said equipment. He clearly did an upstanding job because he was then awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and the French Legion of Honor. 

Moving on to General Leonard T. Gerow's latter achievements, in 1935 he was promoted officially to a Lieutenant Colonel. Then by 1940 he was a temporary Brigadier General. This kicked off Gerow's involvement in WWII, as he was placed as the Director of the War Plans Division in the War Department. His involvement in the War Department was from 1940-42 until he as given command of his own unit. From 1942 to 1943 he was the commanding General of the 29th Division stationed in the European theater. This led to his quick appointment to be the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces stationed in Europe.  

General Leonard T. Gerow continued his involvement in the Military until he retired in 1950. After living for 22 more years, he died on October 12 1972 and is burried in the Arlington National Cemetary.