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The links below represent individual and group responses to the signatures.  Some students chose to look at individual signators, looking for biographical material.  As they would find, these are truly significant figures.  Others chose to write analytical essays about what these men did and why it was significant.  Others chose to look at socio-political issues involved in larger issues connected to the conduct of the war including segregation, gender issues, and propaganda. An important part of this project is to document the process students undertook to work with this artifact. Some chose the role of documentarian.

Why We Should Remember Major General Basilio Valdes by Kapi'olani Torres Reyes

A Video by Raffi Miranda

Documenting the Research Process by Elizabeth Agilar and Raffi Miranda

Thomas Herren by Luke Perritt

James Dozier by Vijay Rajput

A Biography of John William Milburn by Danielle Blonstein

Researching General A.C. Kincaid by Laura Rohde

An Artistic Representation of General Terry Allen by Emily Saunders

The Biography of Paul Legentilhomme by Laurie Maemura

The Force These Generals Commanded by Andrew Scola

Sketching Terry Allen and Alexander Papagos by Alex Enriquez-Bloom

Deciphering The Signatures by Michael Buteau

A Photographic Montage Of The Generals by Tyralyn Tran

Indexing a Primary Document For Study by Layla Moheimani and Jessica Madej

Asking The Historians by Shannon Paulson & Eloise Rippey

The Biography of Lt. General Henry S. Aurand by Allison Chang

Joeseph Grahmn by Katy Crewdson

General Carly Raymond Jr. by Nittai Malchin

The Military Contributions of Leslie Groves by Ethan Black

The Legacy of Leslie Groves by Sahar Tai Seale

"Howlin'" Holland Smith and The Battle of Iwo Jima by Adam Karami

The Significance of Iwo Jima: Analysis by Alex Asirvatham

William C. James and the Marines First Division by Cory Garcia

Geoffrey Keyes of the 7th Army by Amanda Groziak

General Terry Allen, Commander, 1st Division of the US Army


General Allen on the cover of Time Magazine


Leslie Groves with J. Robert Oppenheimer
working on the Manhattan Project


Alexander Papagos of Greece