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Armistead Davis Mead 1901-1980

1943-1944 Assistant Cheif of Staff 4th Army
1944-1945 Assistant Cheif of Staff 9th Army, North-West Europe
1950-1951 Assistant Commanding General 3rd Division, Korea
1952-1953 Cheif of Staff 3rd Army
1953-1954 Commanding General 1st Cavalry Division
1959-1961 Cheif of the Office of Civil Affairs, Dept. of the Army
1961 Retired

Major General Armistead Davis Mead wrote an article titled Those Who See the Whites of Their Eyes and after spending many days searching for the article both online and in text, and managed to come up with nothing but one line quoted by a Virgil Ney which says "To make a squad large or small should not be the objective in considering its organization. Instead, the size of the squad should be the result of organizing it to meet certain essential criteria." Appearing to be related to the bond between size and success of squads, this article of Mead's must show his very great knowledge of the battle field. 
  As listed above, Mead had a very lengthy military career starting his recorded history as an Assistant Chief of Staff of the 4th Army from 1943-1944. This is the time I estimate that he signed the document with the rest of the other military commanders.
Searching the internet and libraries for information on Armistead Davis Mead was a tedious task. Trying to weed out the correct Mead was a challenge; with so many Mead's in the history of the world, I had to review the information I currently had to be able to pick out the correct Mead. 
Being that the list of occupations Armistead Davis Mead had throughout his life was the most detailed information I could find, I decided to look up the armies and such that he was listed in. With no success in finding Mead's name in any of the armies descriptions, I found that to be my last defeat.  

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