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The Generals Project was conducted by 150 students at Palo Alto High School. Our teacher,  David Rapaport, presented his classes with a list of signatures, many of which were famous military men such as Leslie Groves. Rapaport asked us "What is this? Who is on this sheet?" and let each student answer those questions through extensive research, disecting aspects of the sheet that have never been researched. Each student assigned themselves a project to divulge their efforts towards, may it be the biography of a general who signed the sheet, what the sheet was or to document the process. Below are interviews and photos depicting students activity and their projects.

Graham Marchant and Charlie Jones

Hana Schwartz

Jeremy Laufer

Junior’s Jeremy Laufer and Zan Stucky took on the task of researching the causes, effects and events leading up to the decision to drop the Atomic Bomb. Laufer  and Stucky analysis’s the technology that we had during WWII and the events that made the United States drop it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You can find out more about the dropping of the atomic bomb on Laufer and Stucky's website: http://signaturesofwar.com/id144.html

Sabrina yeung and Bridget Madsen

Sixth period junior's Bridget Madsen and Sabrina Yeung researched General Willard Stewart Paul and his life during WWII. Madsen and Yeung found information about General Willard Steward Paul's education, experience in the military and family life. You can find more about General Willard Stewart Paul on their website: http://signaturesofwar.com/id135.html

Bill Gray

Junior Bill Gray is researching the life of General Edward C. Betts, a judge advocate who worked under Dwight D. Eisenhower. Gray hopes to gain "more info on her job as a 'Judge Advocate' and intelligence [about WWII]," by the end of the Signatures of War Project. You can learn more about General Edward C. Betts on Gray's website at: http://signaturesofwar.com/id95.html

Leigh Dairaghi

For junior Leigh Dairaghi's project, she researched James P. Marley who was born in Sheridan, Texas on November 20, 1882. Dairaghi found information about General Marley's experience in the army and his life outside of the war. Dairaghi researched General Marley's wife and family and emphasized his accomplishments while in the army. You can find more about General James P. Marley on Dairaghi's website at:  http://signaturesofwar.com/id102.html

Sonia Serpa-Hidalgo

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Loren Enochson and Saira Chawla

Juniors Loren Enochson and Saira Chawla researched General Terry Allen who was born in Fort Douglas, Utah. General Allen served as a cavalry officer, serving under General John J. Pershing. Chawla and Enochson focused the majority of their research on General Allen's achievements in the military during WWII. You can find more about Genaeral Terry Allen on Enochson and Chawla's website at: http://signaturesofwar.com/id96.html

Ness Wehbe and Zac Hummel

Juniors Ness Wehbe and Zac Hummel are researching General Leroy Luts and thought that the Signature of War Project was  "an interesting idea to research the lives of generals." You can learn more about General Leroy Luts at Wehbe and Hummel's website at: http://signaturesofwar.com/id94.html

Emma DiFilippo

When asked her thoughts on the project, 6th period junior Emma DiFilippo said, "it will be really interesting to find where everyone came from and what they do." She assigned herself the task of contacting family members of the signatures to conduct interviews.You can learn more about the generals and their signatures at DiFilippo's website at: http://signaturesofwar.com/id137.html 

Divya Ramakrishnan

Divya's project was centered around the atom bomb, more specifically the effects that the bomb had on people's health. She was excited to start the "creative" project. You can learn more about the atomic bomb at Divya's website: http://signaturesofwar.com/id104.html

Axel Palmas

Sidnee Johnson and T'erra Brumfield

Juniors T'erra Brumfield and Sidnee Johnson stated that they wanted to find out the "what, where, why and how about Terry Allen." Terry Allen became a cavalry officer after flunking out of the United States Military Acedemy and serving under General John J. Pershing. You can find more on General Terry Allen at this website createed by T'erra and Brumfield: http://signaturesofwar.com/id99.html

Sam Maliska Anthony Panayides

Juniors Sam Maliska and Anthony Panayides researched the strategies and reasoning of World War II seen from both the Americans and soviet Union. You can find more on the strategies and reasons behind WWII on Maliska and Panayides website at: http://signaturesofwar.com/id90.html

Trevor Remmel

Junior Trevor Remmel researched Major General Maxwell Murray for his WWII project. Remmel found that being in the military ran in General Murray's family after his father, Arthur, was an enlisted General. Taking after his father, General Murray enlisted in the military at 18 and soon found himself fighting in the first artillery division of the Fifth Field Artillery during the First World War. You can find out more about Major General Maxwell Murray at Remmel's website: http://signaturesofwar.com/id91.html

Zan Stucky

"People realize how destructive and pointless war really is," junior Zan Stucky said. "100 thousand japanese people died. For what?"-- Zan centered his research around the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagisaki.

Yelena Kasianova

Junior Yelena Kasianova localized "The Signatures of War Project" and brought it back to her Russia roots linking it to her family members. Yelena compared the two opposing sides during WWII, America and the Soviet Union, by using her own experience and knowledge from family members. You can learn more about America and the Soivet Union on her website: http://signaturesofwar.com/id92.html

Nick Hellmuth and Iris Borkovsky

Iris Borkovsky and Nick Hellmuth are researching James E. Moore and focusing mainly on his role and career during World War II. You can find more about James E. Moore on Borkovsky andHellmuth's website: http://signaturesofwar.com/id97.html

Madison Rockwell

Madison Rockwell, who had trouble at the beginning deciding on her focus, felt slightly intimidated by the project. "I was worried. I had no idea what to do, it was not like I was one of those people who immediately knew." Rockwell, who decided to research the various death tolls, believes the website has potential for future World War II researchers. "People will benefit from the webstie," Rockwell said. "A visitor could learn a lot about WWII." You can learn more about the death tolls during WWII on Rockwell's website athttp://signaturesofwar.com/id89.html

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